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A Magical Tool to Unlock your Flow State

-Reduces Social Anxiety-  

-Creates New Neural Pathways-

-Improved Focus-

-Increased Creativity-


Flow state: where productivity meets pleasure

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Social Anxiety  

By cultivating a sense of heightened awareness in the present moment, you can fully experience and appreciate the world around you. This not only enhances your own enjoyment of life, but it also allows others to see the true value and worth of the person you are. By being present and attuned to your surroundings, you radiate positivity and authenticity, which is sure to be noticed and appreciated by those around you

Creates New
Neural Pathways

Eliminate mental constructs, beliefs, and outdated ideas that hold you back. This allows you to perceive situations and experiences in a new and fresh way, opening up endless possibilities in life


By helping you clear your mind, you will have more energy and focus to devote to what you truly want. Imagine being able to concentrate on your goals and aspirations without being weighed down by unnecessary mental clutter. With a clear and focused mind, you can accomplish anything you set your sights on


Unlock the potential of your mind by opening it to new and innovative ideas. Allow yourself to explore the endless possibilities that life has to offer, and tap into your creativity to bring those ideas to fruition. By embracing a mindset of openness and possibility, you set yourself up for success in any pursuit. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when you let your mind roam free and embrace the power of possibility

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REAL member Reviews

I got in the flow, this is something so special.

I love how subtle the feeling is, I still feel connected to Self- just a higher form. The incessant voice of illogical anxiety and fear was quieted down for the first time in a veery long time. I felt connected to my inner child, very free, very light, but still grounded and present. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

Cassidy, WA

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