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How & When to take Flow Dose


Our Recommendation

The Flow Dose Team views micro-dosing as a tool to enhance awareness and gain greater clarity in our life aspirations. Our intention is for micro-dosing not to become a necessity but rather a means to facilitate a smoother journey towards personal growth. Consequently, we strongly advocate for maintaining discipline on your off days from Flow Dose. For instance, if you engage in activities such as workouts, meditation, or other practices in conjunction with Flow Dose, it's highly recommended to continue these practices on your off days. This serves to reinforce the newly established neural pathways.

Consider it akin to maintaining your veins; just as certain brain veins may close due to inactivity or misuse, Flow Dose assists in revitalizing these pathways that can become compromised by factors like alcohol, prescription drugs for anxiety/depression, and even stress. Flow Dose effectively promotes increased blood flow to these areas, providing a greater opportunity to restore them to a more robust state than before. Therefore, maintaining discipline on off days and incorporating insights/learnings from your dosing days become a crucial element in fostering lasting growth and maintaining flow in life.


The following dosing protocols are thoughtfully designed to align with your intentions and goals, providing structured and adaptable ways to incorporate Flow Dose into your daily routines while optimizing its benefits for your specific needs. Our intention is to educate about these protocols to emphasize responsible and safe usage to support your overall well-being. 

Productivity/Energy Protocol

5 days on, 2 days off

Dosing: One 100-200mg capsule once per "on" day, taken in the morning

Reason: The protocol provides you with a consistent dosage for five days in a row, followed by two days off. The continuous dosing allows you to pinpoint and address factors in your daily routines that may be impacting productivity and energy levels. It provides an opportunity to practice mindfulness and observe improvements in your daily life, while the dosage range of 100-200mg ensures adaptability to your individual needs.

Improve Flow Protocol

3 days on, 2 days off

Dosing: One 100-200mg capsule once per "on" day, taken in the morning

Reason: The "Improve Flow" protocol strikes a balance between regular dosing and maintaining sensitivity to the effects. By dosing for three days followed by two days off, you consistently experience heightened awareness and flow without becoming desensitized. The dosage range of 100-200mg offers customization for users to find their optimal flow state. 

Internal Work Protocol

Every other day

Dosing: One 200mg capsule once every other day, taken in the morning

Reason: For individuals engaging in self-work practices like meditation, breathwork, movement exercises, journaling, or nature walks; a consistent dosage of 200mg every other day is recommended. This regimen encourages you to develop self-awareness and resilience not only on dosing days but also on off days. Engaging in these practices consistently, even without Flow Dose, is crucial to solidify the neural networks and behavioral patterns that you notice when taking Flow Dose. This comprehensive approach ensures that you build lasting, sustainable improvements in your well-being and mental clarity.  

Relief Protocol

3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off

Dosing: One 100-200mg capsule once per "on" day, taken in the morning

Reason: The  "Relief" protocol maximizes accessibility to Flow Dose to individuals seeking relief from extreme anxiety or depression. By dosing for specific days, such as three days on, one day off, and two days on with strategic breaks like Thursday and Sunday off, you can manage your symptoms effectively. The dosage range of 100-200mg offers flexibility to address varying levels of distress.

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